Ghia Lumia

performing artist

I was very little when I first demanded my parents to teach me how to fly. Such an absurd appeal with seemingly no solution was soon met by him as he signed me up for diving. While not quite flying, in fact a lot more like falling, the fleeting moments of weightlessness captured my interest and I kept with the sport. After several years of diving it appeared as though the competitive field was not for me since a burning desire to pursue my creative traits continuously drew me elsewhere. After graduating from high school in 2014 I found circus and it took my heart for good. Moments of weightlessness started to widen as a concept and began to include moving through the floor effortlessly, feeling a common rhythm with another being and sudden sense of perfect balance - to mention few. This lead to seeing freedom in empty spaces. 


Since I began my studies I have been specializing in dance acrobatics, handbalancing as well as group acrobatics, so it appears that moments of suspension remain my favourite thing. My interests lie in the field of contemporary performance art and by incorporating a multitude of art forms I hope to continue to contribute unique and compelling creative ideas into this beautiful world we live in. 

I grew up half way in Helsinki and other half in a farm right in the middle of Finland. I have made my surroundings aware of my willingness to do art for a long time - I have drawn across the walls and sung across the halls and done so, so many cartwheels in my overalls.. and suprisingly few things have changed since. I'm lucky to work in my field, I'm still interested in music, now with a company of a guitar - and I love visual arts, reading, writing, sports, the human physiology combined with psychology and a lot of other things too. 


Education and courses

2019-2020 Dance workshops by

Kinetic Orchestra in Helsinki

11/2019 Professional dance workshop "Puzzle Work" by Anton Lachky (The Slovaks) in Helsinki

8/2019 Artistic development and improvisation in group acrobatics by Pau Portabella & Marta Torrents in University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Stockholm, Sweden

8/2019 Handbalancing masterclass studies by Alexander Gavrilov in University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Stockholm, Sweden

6/2019 Professional dance workshop "Physical Momentum" by Fransisco Cordova in Helsinki, Zodiak Dance

10-12/2018 Handbalancing studies by Alexander Gavrilov in University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Stockholm, Sweden

8/2018 Handbalancing studies by Natalia Podznyakova, Raw Art, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015-2018 Circus artist from SaSak, Lahti, Finland

2011-2014 Graduate from Mäkelänrinne Sports High, Helsinki, Finland

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