GHIA LUMIA artist page

As a performer

My specialization includes dance acrobatics, partnering and hand to hand, banquine and group acrobatics, site specific approaches and improvisation, contortion & handstands and music.

  • Ghia Fieandt
  • @cirgia

Forest Spirit

Ghia Lumia


Original solo work 2020

First presentation November 2019, Finland

Three Sisters / Kolm Öde

Big Wolf Company

Full length production


“Three Sisters” is a performance that talks about the great women of the Nordic countries. Of their tenderness, strength, convictions and fears. The mysteries unfold in reality and disappear between heaven and earth. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, a woman is just flesh and bone in the veil of sisterly love.

Idea and creation: Big Wolf Company

On stage: Grete Gross (EST), Lizeth Wolk (EST) and Ghia Lumia (FIN)

Pre-project creation: Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk, Noora Pasanen (FIN)


The space in between

Lazyback Company

Full length production 2017

This is a free spirited and humorous show about the Finnish mental landscape. A group of passengers misses a bus and realises that they are stuck together in this space, where one is alone but without privacy. If you get lost in your thoughts, how far is it possible to drift?

A place by the lake

David Ullrich & Ghia Lumia


Documented improvisation. 


April 2019, Denmark

  • Ghia Fieandt
  • @cirgia