Ghia Fieandt

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Body erosion (photography project)

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Photography by Sebastian Trzaska, Emma Langmoen


Some pillars withstand time

Photography Thomas Botticelli, Emma Langmoen 

Documenting training 2020. Floorwork sequence. Circus Helsinki




Thomas Botticelli

Technical montage, documenting training 2017. Lahti, Finland

Erosion of expectation

tiring anticipation

 endless attempt

for salvation

Yet another city

where I get to know my hands

my deeds

my dance, what I miss

just one sweet

forgiving kiss

Yet another concrete wall

unyielding like them all

Stumble on your own two feet

and fall on the floor

afterwards there is nothing to eat

just the fleet of flies

who go to war

Yet another tree

wandering out at sea

asphyxiating like me

and all of them who could see

climbing invisible stairs

blowing sand away

another day

to another day

Ghia 2020


Stairs of the Hall of Justice in Lausanne, Switzerland, December 2019.


Photograph by Thomas Botticelli