To be not me



Ghia Lumia (FI) &

Simon Granit Ossoinak (SWE)



“To be not me” is a show about creating a human connection considering all our differences, similarities and compromises in between us. Connection is in between, an intention to cover the gap separating us. Feeling deeply connected is the closest we can get to understanding the question everyone has wondered at some point of their life: “what is it like to be not me?”. In the show we go back to the basics of human connection to see how we can make connecting deeply with someone easier. We wish to bring the audience into something they will have known at one point, but might also have forgotten.



“To be not me” on esitys ihmisten välisen yhteyden luomisesta ja miten eroavaisuudet, samanlaisuus ja kompromissit vaikuttavat siihen. Yhteys on välissämme, aie kuroa meitä erottavan kuilun yli. Kun tunnemme syvää yhteyttä toiseen, olemme lähimpänä monelle tutun kysymyksen ymmärtämistä: "Minkälaista se olisi, jos en olisi minä?". 

Esityksessä palaamme yhteyden luomisen perusteille ja tutkimme, miten syvältä tuntuvan yhteyden saaminen voisi olla kepeää ja helppoa. Toivomme tuovamme yleisön johonkin, joka saattaa vaikuttaa tutulta.. mutta unohtuneelta. 



Simon Granit Ossoinak

dance acrobat (SWE)

Simon Granit Ossoinak is a circus artist specialising in dance acrobatics, using movement influences from circus acrobatics, tricking, handbalancing, contemporary dance and breakdance. He studied at Cirkus Cirkörs upper secondary school programme and is currently in the third year of the Circus Bachelor of Codarts Circus Arts. He strongly values broadening the arts vocabulary through interdisciplinary work and letting go of pretentiousness while staying true to yourself and your art.

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Ghia Lumia

(FI) dance acrobat

Ghia is a circus and dance artist using tools from acrobatics, handbalancing anf partnering. She is focused on site-specific works, improvisation and choreography. She was educated to be a professional in her field in Lahti Circus Artist Education and further educated around Europe for example in Kyiv Circus Academy and DOCH. On the dance field she has trained under the following choreographers; Jarkko Mandelin, Fransisco Cordova and Anton Lachky. At the moment she is working with several companies and organisations in the Nordic and Baltic Area, such as Big Wolf Company (EE), and Sirkus Faktori (FI) and Ilmatila Ry (FI), as well as developing her solo projects. Her focus is blending circus and dance and blurring the line between the two.

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