GHIA LUMIA, artist

As a teacher


I hope to share my endless excitement towards physical arts, gaining a versatile skill set and working towards everyone`s own unique style of moving. I thrive to create a connection between others and to look for an approach that suits to the personal needs of anyone with a thirst for learning. 

I have a long experience - spreading across nearly 7 years - of teaching moving in various forms. Be it sports, creative movement, dance, circus or other kind of moving - to all kinds of students of all ages.

I have been working on a dance acrobatics workshop entity that I call with the name "Impulse work", where we dive into different kind of impulses, both external and internal. The workshop consists of playful tasks and some mechanics towards a full sequence in the end, gathering together the themes presented during workshop. The material is partially original and partially collected from all the workshops and educations that I have gone through during my time. I also offer partnering workshops and handstand workshops.

Be welcomed to ask any questions about this or other workshop possibilities via email!



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